Hocking Hills Cabins with Wi-Fi

Vacationing in the beautiful scenery of Hocking Hills is a time to escape and relax. While many might argue that it’s also a time to unplug from technology and the internet, there are plenty of reasons you may want Wi-Fi as an amenity in your Hocking Hills rental cabin.


Sometimes it’s just not possible to disconnect from the office completely. If you’re waiting on approval for a project or a response from an important client, having Wi-Fi to check your emails is vital to keeping your business running. This could also be important for IT professionals who need to be on-call for emergency remote network repairs or other questions.


Perhaps you do plan to totally disconnect during your vacation but forgot to set up your automatic Out of Office reply. Log on to your email with the Eagle View provided Wi-Fi and set a quick away message to help others understand that you’re taking the rest of your vacation away from technology.


Perhaps you’re enjoying your spring break in an Eagle View rental cabin in Hocking Hills, but you forgot to turn in that last assignment. Having Wi-Fi is useful for completing projects and submitting exams or papers. Kids working on summer reading assignments may need to research facts about their books for reports due the first days of school. There’s no excuse for poor academics when you have Wi-Fi in your cabin.

Checking on Home

Are your pets home alone? Did you leave the kids with a babysitter and you need to check up on them? Do you worry you left the garage door open when you set off on your Hocking Hills adventure? Don’t fret! Having Wi-Fi means being able to access smart home apps, security systems, and remote cameras easily. You can have peace of mind for what you left behind when you use the Eagle View cabin Wi-Fi.


You’ve been talking about your vacation to your lakeside or mountain top Hocking Hills cabin for months and now it’s finally here. Keep family in the loop with social updates and make coworkers jealous when you post amazing photos of Lake Logan or Hocking Hills State Park attractions like Old Man’s Cave or Cedar Falls.


Not every moment of the day can be spent hiking, zip lining, or horseback riding around Hocking Hills. For moments when you need a little more entertainment, count on the Eagle View cabins’ Wi-Fi to provide it. Stream your favorite music while relaxing in your private hot tub. Download and read an eBook while sitting by the water at the Eagle View Lake House. Or set the kids up inside with their favorite streaming show while you and your significant other enjoy a private moment on the deck or around the fire ring.

Reservations & Tickets

Some people like to plan every moment of their vacation before they even leave home. Others like to fly by the seat of their pants and decide on a daily basis what activities to do. Having a Wi-Fi enabled Hocking Hills rental cabin allows you to do research on daily events and local attractions. Make an online reservation at a new restaurant or sign up for your canopy tour online. You may even find you need Wi-Fi to check in for your flight the day before departure.


The beauty of nature is even more enjoyable when you know a bit about what you’re looking at. Use included rental cabin Wi-Fi to look up bird calls or markings to understand the species you’re hearing and seeing. A quick internet search could help you identify the fish you caught out at Lake Logan. Having Wi-Fi is particularly handy when you want to research the flora and fauna of Hocking Hills, Ohio.

Safety & Budget

Public Wi-Fi is exactly that—open to the public. This can leave your sensitive information at risk. A private, passwordprotected connection can help keep your information safe from internet hackers. In addition, having included Wi-Fi will help save your phone bill from roaming and data overage charges.

With less than 50% of Hocking Hills rental cabins and homes featuring included Wi-Fi, it’s important to do your research and find a reliable, high-speed connection for your needs. Try renting one of the Eagle View properties today and enjoy Wi-Fi throughout your Hocking Hills vacation.